Broker Services


As specialists in trade credit insurance, MARLYN Insurance Services, Inc. provides a variety of services both to prospective and existing policyholders.


To Prospective Policyholders:

· Introduction and overview of trade credit insurance coverages.
· Analyze receivable portfolio and ascertain options available.
· Assist in preparation of policy application.
· Review underwriter’s proposals.

To Existing Policyholders:

· Review that an existing policy is written correctly, at an equitable rate, and with appropriate options and enhancements.
· Suggest, where appropriate, alternative and supplementary insurance facilities.
· Coordinate policy renewal.

Ongoing Services:

· Respond to specific inquiries regarding coverage and procedures.
· Assist policyholders in their efforts to secure adequate credit limits, especially for larger buyers.
· Transmit to policyholders - with comments as appropriate - any documents issued by underwriters.
· Review policy related data and correspondence for accuracy and completeness prior to submission to the underwriters.
· Counsel policyholders on potential loss situations.
· Coordinate the filing, processing and settlement of claims.

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