Coverage Summary

Political Risk Trade Credit Risk Contingency Risk
Contract Repudiation Insurance Domestic Credit Force Majeure Insurance including Change of Law
Confiscation/ Expropriation/ Nationalization Insurance for Foreign Investments Private Buyer or Public Buyer Export Credit Efficacy/Liquidated Damages Insurance
Confiscation/ Expropriation Insurance for Mobile Assets Comprehensive Export Credit (including political risks) Strikes Insurance
Currency Transfer and Currency Inconvertibility Catastrophic Credit/Excess of Loss Kidnap and Ransom Insurance
Kidnap and Ransom Insurance Eximbank Guarantee Downpayment Financing Insurance Detention Insurance
War on Land Insurance for Mobile Assets Specific Account Insurance Malicious Product Contamination and Extortion Insurance
Unfair Calling of Bonds/Bank Guarantees - specific and portfolio basis Pre-Shipment/ Pre-Credit Insurance Crop Failure
Riots and Terrorism Barter Insurance
Forced Abandonment Insurance Recourse Indemnity
Supply Interruption and Consequential Loss Pre-Payments and Pre-Export Finance
Comprehensive Contractors Plant (CCP) - Political risks including War. Non-Ratification Insurance

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